About the Route 66 Spirit of America Museum

America is the Product of a Dream:

The dream of self-government
The dream of not being controlled
The dream of boldly doing things we’ve never done (AKA “innovation”)
And for some: The dream of creating a better future for all

Doing this requires thinking for yourself, cooperating with others, and letting the public know what you’ve figured out (AKA “marketing”) Lastly, it requires understanding the hurdles in the way of making your dream come true.

The Route 66 Spirit of America Museum invites you to explore the history of America’s innovation-powered journey and the new, potentially world-changing journey that lies ahead.

Americans make the impossible possible! (And sometimes it takes a while.)

They said “If man was meant to fly, the Creator would have given him wings,”
until the Wright brothers proved it could be done…

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