Our Museum History

Route 66 Spirit of America Museum

Vision Statement

The vision of the Route 66 Spirit of America Museum is to heal the spirit of America. The power of love and cooperation is much greater than the power of hate and division. This museum will champion this truth in everything it does.

Mission Statement

The Route 66 Spirit of America Museum offers exhibits and programs designed to inspire people to seek ways they can help America take its next Big Leap forward towards the Founding Fathers’ vision: A society that recognizes “all … are created equal” and have the rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. This Big Leap only became possible when the scientific community discovered how to overcome the last great barrier to achieving that vision: the belief that we will always live in a scarcity-based, zero-sum, “us against them” world. Communicating that this (largely unknown to the public) breakthrough has occurred and catalyzing an effort to implement that breakthrough’s use is the mission of this museum. I seek to connect with organizations and individuals that see value in helping achieve this society-wide breakthrough (both in the USA and throughout the world).

History of Spirit of America Museum

The Route 66 Spirit of America Museum celebrates those aspects of the American spirit – bold thinking, cooperation, and a love of learning – that have helped guide this great nation to seek to form “a more perfect union” throughout its history and can do so today. Since opening on June 10, 2026, the museum encourages visitors to see life as a journey, to celebrate how dreams drive us to create a future that has never existed before, and to find inspiration in both real and fictional heroes whose personal values can guide us as we seek to move our nation – and eventually the larger world – to take its next great leaps forward. The museum does this through exhibits both large and small and educational programs, some of which are in its Wonder Woman Theater. Current exhibit categories are: dreams, life is a journey, space exploration, personal values, innovation, real and fictional heroes, women of wonder, the American Freedom Train, and Route 66.