The museum plans on hosting a podcast, in which people will be interviewed. The overall subject will be the “rediscovery and rebirth of the American spirit”. One focus will be the positive values people learned as children and as adults… and who or what inspired them to adopt those values. The aim of this podcast will be to remind audience members what helped people choose the light side over the dark, with those lessons being seen as applicable (not to be forgotten) as we face whatever challenges are in front of us today.

The museum plans on hosting an interactive “future world building” game, which will be available in both on-line and in-person versions. Called The America Game, it will help participants explore what possible strategies could be implemented that would help America (and the world) take the next Big Leap forward required to go from a “me to we” world …. to go from a world of cut-throat competition to one of cooperation. The America Game is inspired by the pioneering work of systems thinkers R. Buckminster Fuller, W. Edwards Deming, and Russell L. Ackoff, whose work is showcased in a special section of the museum.