Tribute to Clark Kent’s Office at The Daily Planet from the Adventures of Superman TV show

The Route 66 Spirit Of America Museum’s celebration of journalism includes this tribute to the office of Clark Kent so that museum visitors can imagine what it would be like to be a “reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper” who “ fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way.”

Any journalist can be a “superhero”. It all depends on what stories they choose to cover. The museum helps visitors explore this question.

The Next Big Leap

Some of humanity’s Big Leaps have been achieved at the cost of human lives (from the many who were killed during the American Revolution to the astronauts who’ve died as NASA has pursued the exploration of space). The Next Big Leap exhibit at the Route 66 Spirit of America Museum describes a leap that will still only be achieved at a cost… but not of human lives. Instead, what will have to die is the Belief System that says we will always live in a “you or me” world. The belief has produced much suffering over the countless centuries. So, it is itself responsible for countless deaths. But the death of a Belief System is how humanity has progressed since the beginning. We invite you to learn more about this Next Big Leap and why achieving it is finally within our grasp!