The museum’s theater is themed to Wonder Woman… both the fictional character and real life “women of wonder”. The American spirit exists as a co-creation of the men and women who were there at the beginning and of those who continue to pull America forward today. Museum founder, Steve Brant, believes this partnership matters. And he also believes individual efforts should be celebrated as well… be they from adults or from young people.

Thirteen year old Samantha Smith’s diplomatic efforts from 1983 are celebrated in this room, as well as Star Trek actress and civil rights activist Nichelle Nichols’ work with NASA. There are others celebrated too. Steve’s own mother was not in a partnership relationship with his father. And her bravery in the face of Steve’s father’s dysfunctional and at times dangerous personality mirrors the strength other women have demonstrated throughout American history. All of this feeds that aspect of the American spirit dedicated to a future based on love and adventure instead of hate and stagnation.